T-Ball Coach Equipment List

Here is list of equipment I would recommend if you are a T-ball coach

A Tee & T-balls
You probably figured those out on your own 🙂

You will need some throw-down bases.  You can get the flimsy ones pretty cheaply, but these thick rubber ones are even better if you can get them.  Shop around to see if you can find the best price.  The thick bases are better because they don’t slide around as much when you step on them, and the kids can actually feel the base under there foot which more closely simulates a real game situation.  Don’t forget a home plate also.

Cones are a big help for T-ball age kids.  It’s much easier to put a cone where you want a kid to stand rather than having to go position them about 40 times during a practice.  They save a lot of time.  Some low profile cones like these work great.

If you want to divide the kids into groups or teams, colored wristbands help.  Give each kid a wristband with a color that corresponds to the group he’s in.  Then you can just call for the “red” group instead of trying to call each kid by name.  It’s often like herding cats, so anything that helps keeping groups organized is beneficial and another time saver.

Bats & Helmets
Many kids these days have their own bats and helmets, but make sure you have enough for the kids that don’t.

More coming…


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